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Jérôme Nicolas

IAH Worldwide Groundwater Congress

Jérôme Nicolas is a hydrogeological engineer and project manager at BRGM, the French geological survey. He joined BRGM in 1994, initially based in Lille, where he obtained a Master of Science degree in 2002. He joined BRGM in Lyon in 2004, where he took part in the hydrogeological synthesis of the Rhone-Méditerranean basin in south-eastern France and produced a geological model and a 3D hydrogeological model for the knowledge of the subsoil of the Lyon area (France). In 2010, he joined BRGM's scientific and technical site in Orléans. Since then, he is the responsible for the organization of the national quantitative groundwater monitoring network for the BRGM as national operator in relation with the Water and Biodiversity Department of the Ministry in charge of the Environment. He has also contributed to the development of information and management systems for water resources, establishment of repositories (boreholes, hydrogeological bodies) for example in French Polynesia between 2017 and 2020. In 2021, he took part in a project for the modernization and capacity building of the National Water Resources Agency (Algeria). More recently, he is task leader for the development of a decision-support tool with the City of Cape Town (South Africa).

This tool is based on developments carried out since 2015 with a BRGM project team. It can be used to characterize the groundwater quantitative state in the exploited aquifer systems : historical and almost real time data and simulated and forecasted data.