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Congress Topical Collections in Hydrogeology Journal

Would you be interested in submitting a paper to Hydrogeology Journal after the congress?

The 50th Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists will be in Cape Town, South Africa from 18 to 22 September 2023, and the congress theme is Groundwater: A Matter of Scale. There will be an opportunity for authors who have submitted congress abstracts to submit full manuscripts for publication in Hydrogeology Journal (HJ).

Authors are requested to indicate their interest in submitting a full manuscript on the Abstract Submission page. The full manuscripts will be grouped into Hydrogeology Journal ‘Topical Collections’ (TCs) after it is known which manuscripts have been submitted to the Congress and how many for each TC theme. The possible TCs correspond to the congress sub-themes and include:

  1. Connectedness of groundwater and planetary sciences
  2. Catchment scale integrated surface water and groundwater studies
  3. Scale aspects of groundwater flow and transport systems
  4. Critical zone sciences – a multi-disciplinary, cross-scale science
  5. Upscaling/downscaling techniques
  6. Local-scale, pore-scale, and discrete scale
  7. Polycentric groundwater governance systems
  8. Sustainable use of groundwater resources across jurisdictional borders

Some authors who have not expressed interest in publishing their presented work in HJ may also be invited to submit a paper based on their presentation. Also, full manuscripts for topics not belonging to one of the Topical Collection themes are welcome, and these would be published as a normal non-TC article in HJ. Some organizers will be appointed for each TC to provide support to the TC authors and to liaise with HJ. When published in HJ, the TCs will be denoted as having derived from Cape Town IAH Congress sub-themes and presentations.

Submissions accepted by HJ for inclusion in a TC will become part of an HJ issue, and each TC will begin with an introductory essay about the topic and the TC’s content. The congress TCs will appear in several HJ issues.

The process is as follows:

  1. If you want to submit a full manuscript for possible inclusion in an HJ congress TC, pick a congress topic on the abstract submission page.
  2. Some authors and content may be solicited during the congress, but everyone is welcome to submit a full manuscript after the congress by the final submission date, 29 February 2024. A website for submission of the manuscripts will be released in due course.
  3. The full manuscript will first undergo a pre-HJ-submittal review by the TC organizers, Matthys Dippenaar and others, to decide the first outcome according to normal review processes: accept, recommend review, or reject.
  4. After the final submission date, the organizers will assemble all approved potential HJ articles and sort them into TC topics and non-TC subjects. The pre-HJ-submittal review by the organizers will make the accepted manuscripts more likely to be published in HJ.
  5. In collaboration with congress organizers, Cliff Voss, editor of the Hydrogeology Journal, will approve the TC topics and the list of manuscripts for each. This process will determine which TCs will be created from the submitted congress manuscripts and which congress manuscripts can be submitted to HJ as a normal non-TC manuscript.
  6. After a manuscript is approved by the organizer for submittal to HJ, this will be communicated to the author. The author should then submit the full manuscript to HJ on the Hydrogeology Journal submission page, noting the TC topic to which it is being submitted.
  7. The manuscript will undergo the normal full scientific review process for HJ, and HJ will communicate with the author (and with the TC organizers) regarding review results and publication decisions.


All questions and submissions must be directed to: only  AND not to the congress organizers.