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Candice Lasher-Scheepers

IAH Worldwide Groundwater Congress

Candice has 15 years’ experience in Hydrogeology, with a large focus on water supply projects as well as hydrogeological assessments and monitoring. She worked in all three spheres of government and spent five years in the private consulting sector.

Her main function, as the Principal Professional Officer: Geohydrologist at City of Cape Town (City’s) Metro Municipality, is to provide technical advice during the development, expansion and operations of the City’s bulk water supply wellfields and managed aquifer recharge schemes.

Candice ensures compliance with the National Water Act (act 36 of 1998) and established the City’s first Table Mountain Group Aquifer and Cape Flats Aquifer Groundwater Monitoring Committees. She is spearheading the implementation of the City’s Groundwater Protection Plan and its associated protection zones, with the outer zone now incorporated in the Municipal Spatial Development Framework and an intent to publish a guideline and dedicated bylaw.

She is the City’s lead representative for all international and local groundwater collaborations or partnerships and successfully integrated current municipal projects to maximize benefits to the municipality.