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Information for presenting at the IAH2023 congress

All presenters (Oral/Posters) included in the IAH2023 Congress programme must please note the following important presenting instructions:

  1. All presenting authors are required to register and pay by no later than 31 May 2023 for the accepted oral/poster to be included in the official programme.
  2. Click here to register online
  3. At least one author of the abstract must register to attend the Congress.
  4. Visa application – please ensure that apply timeously for your visa to enter South Africa.
  5. September is a busy tourist season in Cape Town and all delegates attending Congress are urged to book their accommodation as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
  6. Accommodation booking available on the website:

Presentation Instructions

Congress Themes

  • The connectedness of groundwater and planetary sciences
  • Catchment scale integrated surface water and groundwater studies
  • Scale aspects of groundwater flow, biogeochemical and transport systems
  • Critical zone sciences – a multidisciplinary, cross-scale science
  • Upscaling/downscaling techniques
  • Local-scale, pore-scale, and discrete scale
  • Polycentric groundwater governance systems
  • Improving shared sustainable use of groundwater resources that cross two or more jurisdictional borders

Under the theme of Groundwater: A Matter of Scale and the subthemes, we anticipate advances in the study of hydrogeology about:

  • physical, chemical, computer, numerical and conceptual models
  • field and laboratory studies covering local to global spatial scales
  • improving physical or chemical measurements in the field or laboratory environment
  • long-time and spatial trend data
  • the use of big data, remote sensing or artificial intelligence technologies
  • any groundwater-focused interdisciplinary scientifically sound studies contributing to our understanding of hydrogeology

The Congress theme links to the different Commissions and Networks of IAH in the scope of ‘matters of scale’. Cross-disciplinary studies should be deeply rooted in hydrogeological science.

Special sessions

The connectedness of groundwater and human systems, Socio-Hydrogeology Network

Traditional hydrogeological approaches tackle the complexity of human-groundwater interactions by focusing on the pressures people exert on groundwater quality and quantity. Conversely, socio-hydrogeology proposes integrating these observations with assessing how scarce and polluted groundwater shapes human livelihood and well-being.

This session aims at discussing approaches, techniques and case studies focused on inter- and transdisciplinary assessments of the connections between humans and groundwater at different scales:

  • Time scale, i.e., how to bridge temporal gaps (being aware that the current state of groundwater resources is a direct consequence of past actions) and raise awareness (knowing that present actions are shaping the future and sustainability of groundwater)
  • Spatial scale, i.e., how to integrate the complexity of aquifer dynamics and global groundwater sustainability with practical solutions at the local scale
  • Social scale, e.g., how different forms of social organisation are shaped by and shape given groundwater resources

Contributions to innovative communication and outreach approaches rooted in local cultural backgrounds and tools to increase the visibility of hidden groundwater resources are also encouraged.

Scientific Committee